Classic car restoration

We know and love classic cars. We’ve built a few personally for our friends and family and will provide that same level of care to your classic care restoration project.

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Classic Car Restoration Services

A full auto restoration requires a complete disassembly of the vehicle and restoring each and every part and system. This process limits ongoing maintenance and future restoration situations.

A full auto restoration primarily includes:


  • Disassemble and catalog every part
  • Pull body off frame (optional)
  • Blast and restore frame (optional)
  • Repair all rust
  • Replace all trim
  • Completely smooth out body of all waves and dents


  • Prime and seal vehicle
  • Sand entire vehicle
  • Paint and clear vehicle
  • Sand and buff
  • Undercoat vehicle


  • Rebuild or replace mechanical systems
  • Upgrade brake, steering and suspension systems
  • Rebuild engine or replace with a crate motor
  • Upgrade transmission and gearing for a smoother ride


  • Replace seat, foam, and springs
  • Replace carpet
  • Replace headliner
  • Restore dash
  • Restore door panels
  • Replace or restore interior trim

Feature Projects:

1: 1970 Camaro

We really enjoyed working on this 1970 Camaro. The restoration took a few weeks but the results were beyond our expectations. We stripped the entire vehicle to the frame and rebuilt the Camaro from the ground up. We didn’t spare any expense and it shows in the level of detail in the vehicle body.

The car had significant body damage and we were able to repair some of the original body panels and retain most of the original parts. The owner of the vehicle asked us to help with the body only but the 1970 Camaro is well on it’s way to looking show ready.


2: 65 Lincoln

This was a project for the owner of Pro Collision Center. This 1965 Lincoln Continental took months to complete but the workmanship shows the level of detail all the specialist at Pro Collision Center take when restoring classic vehicles.

Older cars require more attention to detail and patience when restoring, this Lincoln got a full restoration from the frame to electronic components. We even added some modern features like suspension air bags and more.

What else did we do?

  • Rebuilt the engine
  • Replaced the entire interior
  • New larger radiator
  • Premium sound system
  • New custom paint job
  • Replaced several components like bent oil pans
  • and much more

2: 66 Chevy Impala

This beauty had some minor fender damage, which we repaired with little problems and the results were amazing.

1966 chevy impala auto body repair