When you think of car maintenance, the first thing that comes to mind are things like the engine, body, tires, and other mechanical parts. What seems to be left out is the interior, which is the most frequented part of the car.

The interior is where we spend the most time. We are so focused on the traffic outside we forget about the level of traffic we create in our cars interior. Here are a few ways to protect your cars interior from normal wear and tear.

1. Car Mats

Cars come standard with car mats but most of these are not fit to protect vehicles from dirt, mud, food, and more. A good quality set of all-weather car matts may cost upwards of $35 but the benefits outweigh the cost. A strong durable plastic car mat provides protection to the area of your car most suseptible to dirt and wear.

2. Protective Wipes

Protective wipes such as Armor All or Meguiars can extend the life of your vehicles interior. Plastics, vinyls, rubbers, and leathers erode over time, especially in hotter climates. Protective wipes are important to protect your cars interior from the damage caused by the sun.

Protective wipes are not only good for the longevity of your vehicle but for your health as well. Your vehicle, like your home, accumulates germs. High heat in your car, mixed with the lack of free flowing oxygen, makes for a breeding ground for germs. Protective wipes may also have a disinfectant to remove these germs and keep you and your family health.

3. Trash Bags

After a week of commuting from place to place, our cars tend to accumulate trash. Protect your cars interior by placing a trash bag in your back seat to gather trash. This can also prevent the spread of germs and keep your interior looking new.

4. Dash Covers

Your dashboard can become damaged, discolored, or cracked due to the suns powerful UV rays. Even more so in climates with high heat such as Las Vegas or the Southwest. Dash covers are available for every make and model and provide protection to one of the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle.

5. Steering Wheel Cover

A cover for your steering wheel can protect from heat and dirt. Our hands contain oils, which erode steering wheel fabric over time. Get a steering wheel cover to avoid this and keep your steering wheel in great condition.

These were 5 easy and affordable tips you could put in place to protect your cars interior. At Pro Collision Center, we take great care with your cars interior. We understand how important your cars interior is. We use disposable floor mats, soft cleaning cloths, and auto body repair mats to ensure we take great care with your interior.

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